While our lean transformation offering focusses on process improvement and straight-through-processing, the data & workflow focusses on studying how structured and unstructured data flows within your organisation and identifying opportunities to automate customer fulfilment workflows and use data as an asset. Our approach is to simplify, standardise, miniaturise.

Our data and workflow improvement process takes shape in the following stages –

  1. Document existing data management process, governance process, data owners, and location of data.
  2. Classify data as A. required for decisioning, B. required for retention, C. required for monitoring, D. unused.
  3. Identify customers touchpoints and explore opportunities to link distributed data
  4. Identify workflows that need improvements and better data management practice
  5. Leverage technology offerings to automate process workflows and data movement to create data points that enhance decisioning process.
  6. Finally, the data identified for decisioning can be mapped into scorecards. And the data identified to enhance customer experience can be used for developing mobile and web channels.

We are technology agnostic and therefore we support your data transformation and work with any technology product/vendor available in the market. This includes creating data hubs, data lakes, content management, workflow systems, planning and forecasting softwares.

We also support our customers to document all the business rules and processes that are internal or outsourced and maintain version control using content management systems available on the cloud.

We are glad to hear from you.

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