Connect the dots with one comprehensive training that covers all agile practices in one curriculum. Specifically designed for Senior Managers, Executives, Finance, HR, Sales, Operations, Compliance, Legal, Management Trainees, Technology Managers who wish to go deeper in the concepts but are pressed for time.

  • Can be delivered as a one-day foundation module or two-days of in-depth
  • Can be customised for technology as well as non-technology audience
  • Can be specific to the industry
  • Can include one more day of workshop facilitation to explore industry specific challenges and scenarios
  • Highly experiential and can be used as a business environment induction to new management trainees

Topics covered

Day 1

  • Lean principles and agile methodology
  • Difference between traditional waterfall and agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Application of agile in various industries
  • Systems thinking
  • Agile frameworks 
    • Roles and events in agile
    • Scrum 
    • Kanban
    • XP – Extreme Programming

Day 2

  • Agile Estimation – Technical debt, User stories, acceptance criteria
  • Design thinking
  • DevOps – technical practices
  • Scaling agile – Scrum Of Scrum
  • Coaching agile teams
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Transformation –
    • Managing the change
    • Building the transformation Book of Work
    • Investments and metrics
    • Process and Technology changes
    • Pitfalls in transformation

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