Our Purpose

We serve our customers by building a solid foundation for their digital transformation journey. Our core activities include a) Providing in-depth trainings that help organisations to adopt an Agile mindset, 2) Business process transformation to optimise operations in the new normal, and 3) Seamless adoption of cloud technology that maximises human potential to sustainably create and deliver value. We believe in continuous learning, and wherever we fall short, we inspect and adapt.

Our Value Proposition

We are a startup in technology consulting striving to provide our clients with everything needed to plan, prepare, and execute a successful digital business transformation. We have partnered with Scaled Agile, to implement SAFe, world’s leading framework for enterprise agility. Our offerings cover Training, Technology consulting, and Agile Project Management.

We understand the importance of enablers that are required to support any transformation journey. Therefore, our services include the entire spectrum, right from establishing processes that create the required data culture up to managing outsourced services and technology adoption.

Our Services

Agile Transformation – Scale agility across enterprise through training, coaching, and implementation of Scaled Agile Framework. For public trainings, click here
Corporate Incubator – Rapid MVP development through Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, DevOps practice
Cloud Adoption – Migration strategy, architecture, and execution (vendor agnostic), trainings
Outsourced Agile PMO – Agile Project Management Office As A Managed Service
Process Transformation – Optimisation of operations processes, remote processing
Enterprise Data Management – Establish a data stewardship using expert tools, analytics, governance
Learning & Development – Digitalisation of corporate trainings, customised e-learning